Covid 19 Guidelines

Guidelines on how we will run a meet 

Iron Beast Powerlifting will do it's very best to keep everyone safe.

  • Mask must be warn by everyone, if you do not wear a mask properly you will be asked to leave the venue. 
    • There will be no exceptions
  • We anticipate having separate view areas with Closed Circuit TV monitors for spectators to watch.
    • Please Spectators are asked to be in the competition area only when there lifters flight is lifting. There will be 5 min breaks between flights for spectators to filter in and out.
  • There will only be 2 session with only 25 lifters per session. 
    • Spectators will have to be held at 1 spectator per lifter.

USA Powerlifting Guidlines

  • All athletes, officials, coaches, and spectators must wear masks, before, during, and following competition. This applies to all present in the venue. Athletes, coaches and spectators are responsible for bringing their own masks, and the meet director will provide masks for officials, including spotters, scoring staff, referees should they not have their own. 
Mask use will follow CDC guidelines as follows:
  • The mouth and nose are fully covered.
  • The covering fits snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps.
  • The cloth face covering can be tied or otherwise secured to prevent slipping.
  • The face covering is not shared with anyone else.
Registration will take place as usual prior to competition. All participants must:
  1. Bring their own pen or pencil.
  2. All of those either working registration or waiting to register must wear a mask, stand six feet apart, and refrain from touching the registration table, staff, or other lifters.
 Equipment check is waived at this time. However, those found to be using equipment illegal for the division they are in, e.g. raw, equipped, etc. will be removed from the meet and must leave the venue. Spot checks will be performed for approved equipment by officials.
 Weigh-ins will take place with one athlete and the weigh-in official present only, with the exception of minors, who must have a parent or coach present.
  1. Everyone present in the weigh in room must wear masks and the athlete will show appropriate identification and membership while holding the items. They will not be handed to the weigh in official or placed on the table.
  2. The athlete will stand on the scale which is covered by a paper towel, which will be discarded after each lifter.
  3. Those waiting in line to weigh in must wear masks and stand at least 6 feet apart.
  4. After completing weigh in, the athlete must leave the weigh in room and the area where the weigh in has taken place, i.e. don’t stand and talk to the other competitors.
 Competitions will run in sessions, with two flights per session, for a total of 24 athletes per session per platform.
  1. Athletes will arrive 30 minutes prior to weigh in and leave after the session awards and drug testing procedures are complete. Organizers may schedule as many sessions as are practicable each day of competition.
  2. Multiple platform meets will be allowed. However, each platform must be separated by a minimum of 10 feet allowing officials between platforms to maintain appropriate distancing.
  3. The warm-up room will be segregated from the competition area. If it is not possible to put them in separate rooms, they will have dividers to separate competitors and those warming up.
General precautions:  
  1. Bars plates, and collars will be sanitized between each round (i.e., squats round 1, squats, round 2, etc.). This must be accomplished by spray-type disinfectant.
  2. Warmup equipment must be sanitized between each session.
  3. Hand sanitizer or portable hand washing stations will be provided. One of these sanitizing strategies must be used by the athlete prior to each attempt. Chalk may be applied after hand sanitizing.
  4. Attempts will be given orally, rather than in writing and scoring staff will write them down in the presence of the athlete or coach. The athlete or coach may not touch or approach the scoring table closer than 6 feet.


  1. is it 25 lifters per weight class or per day?

  2. Trying to decide whether or not I need to book a hotel room: What time is weigh-ins on Sunday, and is it same day weigh in only?
    Thanks Jim.

    1. Sunday Morning Weigh in for 83 and 93 kg class is at 7:00 AM

  3. Is there an email or phone at which we can contact you for questions about a future meet?

    '' and '' do not seem to be working.

    Thank you.

  4. I fixed the email you can reach me at