Saturday, October 28, 2017

Northeast Championship Powerlifting

Welcome to NorthEast  Championship
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Click the page links below for all information about the meets, and entry forms

USA Powerlifting Sanction  NY-2020-12
When: PostPoned till August
Syracuse, NY
USA Powerlifting Sanction  NY-2020-08
When: June 13, 2020
Sport of Iron Kingston,  NY
USA Powerlifting Sanction  NY-2020-11
When: September 13, 2020
East Ave Barbell Rochester,  NY
USA Powerlifting Sanction  NY-2020-13
When: December 6, 2020
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook,  NY

USA Powerlifting Sanction  NY-2020-14

When: October 24, 2020
Highland Hills,  NY

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Jim and Luciana Set up 2

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